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Dinovite Skin and Coat Supplement
Does your dog have a dull coat, constantly scratch, have doggy odor? Give Dinovite a try!


ATTENTION Dinovite provides live microbials, digestive enzymes, fragile nutrients and vitamins

How to make a raw meal for your dog or cat
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DINO-MED Dinovite Skin and Coat Supplement- 3.5lbs
DiNO-Giant Dinovite Skin and Coat Supplement-Giant- 7lbs
DiNO-Large Dinovite Skin and Coat Supplement-Large- 5.3lbs
DiNO-Multi Dinovite Skin and Coat Supplement-Multi Dog- 29.3lbs
DiNO-small Dinovite Skin and Coat Supplement-small dog- 1.75lbs
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Product Description:

Remember when you first brought your new puppy home? He was energetic with a shiny new coat and sweet puppy breath. You naturally expected him to grow up to be a picture of canine health, beautiful and full of life. We all want our dogs to be healthy. If you find yourself dealing with poor dog health, don't feel alone because canine health problems are very common. Do you spend hundreds of dollars at the vet for steroids and antibiotics, only to find the issue getting worse? If your dog is itching, scratching, licking, shedding, stinking up the house, and gassing up a storm, help is available!

Dinovite is a nutritionally sound dog supplement that may help alleviate problems caused by nutritional deficiencies. Whether you are looking to prevent nutritional deficiencies, or you are already dealing with canine health issues, we invite you to give Dinovite a try for 90 days.

How Dinovite can help your pet through better nutrition

  • Healthy, happy pets eat well. They get enzymes they need to help properly digest even the best brand name foods. They get the nutrients they need to help promote and maintain their good health.

  • Healthy dogs and cats have soft, healthy coats, sweet breath, and sunny dispositions.

  • Happy cats and dogs don't constantly itch, scratch, shed like crazy, stink beyond belief or keep you up all night. Healthy pets are a pleasure to be around, vibrant and full of life.

Most pets eat store bought food. The best dog and cat foods start out as meat, meat by-products, cereals, and vegetables. Most pet food is cooked or irradiated during the manufacturing process. Heat and irradiation destroy or serious diminish the effect of digestive enzymes, beneficial vitamins, and fragile nutrients every dog and cat needs to maintain good health and a optimal immune system.

Without nutrients, the immune system can weaken and your pet's health can be compromised. Your dog or cat can be miserable. Nutritional deficiencies like amino acid deficiency, fatty acid deficiency, and zinc deficiency can develop. As time passes, your dog or cat may start to show signs of nutritional deficiency (dull coat, skin eruptions, bad smell, excessive shedding, runny eyes, uncontrolled scratching and paw licking).

Your dog or cat need good nutrition to thrive and maintain their health. A great way to promote and maintain your pet's good health may simply be to improve their diet. We believe the best thing you can do for your dog or cat is to feed them a sound and nutritional diet. Start will a high end, all natural kibble or even better, a raw diet. Next, add the proper supplements to each meal. DInovite provides the nutrients in proper ratios, that cooked food simply cannot deliver. The cooking process destroys key enzymes and nutrients that your pet needs to thrive. Think of it this way....If you ate fast food burgers and fries for every meal, chances are that over time your health would take a turn for the worse. The same analogy applies to commercial dog food.

Dinovite delivers live microbials, digestive enzymes, fragile nutrients and vitamins that can help support the canine immune system, and help to promite and maintain overall good health.

Dinovite ingredients: Ground flax seed, dried kelp, yeast culture, ground grain sorghum, fructooligosaccharide, zinc methionine complex, diatomaceous earth, montmorillonite clay, yucca schidigera extract, dehydrated alfalfa meal, Aspergillus oryzae fermentation, Aspergillus niger fermentation, lactobacillus acidophilus fermentation, lactobacillus casei fermentation, bifidobacterium thermophilum fermentation, enterococcus fermentation.

** Note: If your dog is severely allergic to any of these ingredients please consult with your veterinarian before buying and using Dinovite.

Dinovite is not a miracle powder! Optimal Canine health starts with nutrition. You cannot expect to have a healthy dog if you are feeding cheap commercial pet food. In most cases it is nothing more than inexpensive grain and poor meat protein, with little to no nutritional value. We believe that canines are carnivores, yet many people feed store bought kibble and wonder why their dogs are always itching, scratching, have an odor, and exhibit signs of poor health. What do you think you get for 50 cents per pound? Please do yourself a favor and spend the extra money on good food and supplements...not at the vet for steroids and antibiotics.

We feed a raw diet, including meaty bones of all types. Our dogs have thick, luxurious coats, bright white teeth, no odor, and great dispositions. Remember, raw bones only! Cooked bones can splinter and puncture the intestines. If you are interested in exploring the benefits of a raw diet, then please do your research on the internet. There are several forums for raw food feeders. Take the time to do your research and then decide if raw feeding is right for you.

Dinovite is a nutritional supplement that can compliment any feeding style, but it most effective when you are feeding premium foods. Give Dinovite plenty of time to work (90 days). When you change your dog's diet from commercial to "healthy," your dog may experience detox episodes. This can include soft stools, general malaise, itching and scratching, and discharge from the eyes. This may be the body ridding itself of the built up toxins, and will pass in time. Remember, you cannot expect the issues to disappear immediately, when your dog has been ingesting a poor source of nutrition for years. Be patient!

Tips for feeding Dinovite

Mix Dinovite with water and mix into food. The water will activate the digestive enzymes and live bacteria, which will aid in food digestion. If your dog does not like water in their food, you can mix Dinovite with a little canola oil. Most dogs love this combination. It's a little like "shake and bake."

If your dog is finicky, try mixing Dinovite with a scrambled egg. We have found that 2 scoops of Dinovite mixed with 1 egg, works well. The egg is also very good for your dog.

If all else fails, mix Dinovite up with any type of ground meat (cooked or raw). Dogs love Dinovite meatballs!

Dinovite buying guidelines:

  • Dinovite Small Size- This size is a 90 day supply for a 10-15 lb dog.

  • Dinovite Medium Size- This is a 90 day supply for a 30-50 lb dog.

  • Dinovite Large Size- This is a 90 day supply for a 70-80 lb dog.

  • Dinovite Giant Size- This size is great for dogs over 80 lbs and multi-dog households.

Average Customer Review: 5 of 5 Total Reviews: 3 Write a review.

  26 of 27 people found the following review helpful:
Wonderful Product September 13, 2013
Reviewer: Mary from St Paul, MN  
Thanks so much Mike for steering us towards Dinovite.  It has helped both of our Rotties who were itchy and smelly.  They are both happy dogs.  Thanks again!

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  2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
Wow! September 13, 2013
Reviewer: Jasmine Folz from Evansville, IN United States  
I was a sceptic. I couldn't believe it could be so simple.  After 2 months, my dog has completely turned around.  He was so miserable that for a time I thought I may have to put him down.  We had been to countless vets with countless "solutions" that never worked.  My Great Dane was suffering from hair loss, and a horrible smell even with weekly bathing in prescribed shampoo.  He now has a full shiny coat and is up springing around like a pup. This was his last chance- thank goodness we found your product!

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  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
wonderful product September 13, 2013
Reviewer: Mary Hackworth from Goose Creek, SC United States  
We have used this product for 2 months. Both my dogs have severe skin problems.In the summer they both are almost bald  and with sores.Since using dinovite ,they have beautiful coats and are happy dogs. And this is summer!! Yea!!

Was this review helpful to you?

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