Food and Supplements for Your Canine Companion
Feeding the right dog food and supplements can make an amazing difference.


Food and Supplements for your Canine Companion

By Mike Caponigro


The commercial pet food market is no different than the human market.  Companies spend millions on advertising to try and get us to believe that the $24, 40lb bag of dog food is filled with wholesome and nutritious ingredients.  Many consumers buy into the hype, only to find that they are taking their pets back to vet over and over again.  Do you ever wonder why your dog stinks, scratches, has ear infections, etc.etc?  Many vets will tell you that your pet is allergic to something…and oh by the way; you will need to spend $1000 on a series of allergy tests.  The typical vet will also offer up the steroid alternative, which will help the issue in many cases.  Unfortunately they will also compromise the immune system and could cause organ failure if used for long periods.  It’s not your vet’s fault though as they were schooled in medicine, not nutrition.


Most of the issues above are caused by feeding a poor diet. There are hundreds of published articles written about what the commercial pet food companies actually put in the bag.  I will tell you this…. I will never feed my dogs a commercial pet food, PERIOD!  You can do the research and make your own choice, but consider a few things: 
1) Pet foods will sit in warehouses and on the shelves of mass merchant retailers for months on end.  How on earth can a pet food being advertised as “Natural” and “Preservative Free” and sit for months on end without going bad?  It must be magic! 
2) What do you really believe you are getting for 30-50 cents per pound?  Certainly not the filet they are showing in the ads. The manufacturer may wave a piece of meat over the bag, but trust me; you are getting a bag full of cheap grain and fillers with some form of low grade protein. 
3)  Why are you always cleaning up after your dog?  Answer:  Because most commercial pet foods are mostly indigestible grains that run right through your pet!  Please do yourself a favor and educate yourself on the pet food market.  You will be doing your pet a favor and enhancing the quality of their life.  You will also save a significant amount of money by not having to run to the vet.  A human could not survive long term eating cheese burgers at McDonalds every day of their life.  What makes you think that your dog can eat poor quality food and flourish?


We believe that supplements should be incorporated into your feeding regime.  The environmental hazards are wreaking havoc on the quality of our food and water supply.  Cancer is running rampant and is now affecting our pets.  Do yourself a favor and at minimum, give your dog a high quality enzyme/probiotic on a daily basis.  It will enable your pet to digest their food and assimilate the vitamins and nutrients.  Once the internal system is healed and all the plumbing is working correctly, you will see an amazing change.  The scratching stops, no more smell, no more hot spots and goopy stuff coming from the eyes and ears.  Your pet is healing!  We have had tremendous success with Dinovite and Enzyme Pro Plus, but once again, do some research and make an educated decision.  Please be careful that you don't take short cuts and buy the cheapest product out there.  Many of the products that you see on store shelves contain ingredients that come from foreign countries, including China.  All of the ingredients used in the products we sell and purchsed from U.S. formulators.  Remember, You get what you pay for!


Ready to make a change?  Here are my recommendations: 

  • If you are feeding a commercial pet food that you buy at any of the mass merchant retailers, please stop!  That goes for all the major brands, including the ones that your vet is selling.  Did you know that the major pet food companies are owned by consumer food conglomerates?  Where do you think all the food by-products and ingredients not fit for human consumption go? You guessed it….right to their pet food company subsidiaries!  Go to a local boutique pet store in your area and talk to them about changing to a high quality meat based kibble or raw food diet. 
  • Give your pooch raw meaty bones.  Do not cook them as they can splinter in the intestine and that will get very expensive, not to mention the health risk.  We get big knuckle bones from our local butcher and our dogs absolutely love them.  A healthy dog is able to eat raw foods without getting sick.  They have a very short intestinal track so all the bad things associated with raw foods do not affect them.  
  • Start using supplements in conjunction with your feeding regimen.  At minimum, give your dog an enzyme probitic supplement.  My favorites are Enzyme Pro Plus and Dinovite.
  • Make sure your pet is getting exercise on a regular basis.  Throw a ball in the back yard, go for walks or runs…just do something!  You might even lose a few pounds yourself! 

It really isn’t rocket science.  Pets are no different than humans when it comes to health and nutrition.  Most people cannot survive on junk foods as their sole source of nutrition.  Can you imagine if you lived on Coco Crispies or Captain Crunch?  You probably wouldn’t do so well.  Feed your pet a wholesome diet and within 90 days you will see an amazing difference in the way your pet looks and acts.