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Buff K9 True Champion Dog 2.0 Muscle and Endurance Dog Supplement
The next generation of muscle building and endurance dog supplement

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True Champion Dog® 2.0 dog supplement is a new 2 in 1, muscle & endurance booster:

  • significantly enhances endurance and stamina
  • adapts to mental and physical stresses
  • improve blood flow and oxygen saturation
  • trace minerals containing electrolytes
  • all-natural


Dogs that are under heavy exercise stress must have our dog endurance supplement “Endurance & Stamina Booster” to support recuperation and performance at the highest level, and to also help prevent overstressing the heart muscle. Your dog can benefit from increases in blood flow and oxygen delivery, further enhancing endurance/stamina and protecting vitals. Our all-natural dog endurance supplement is a must-have if you truly want to maximize the quality of life for your dog and remember, your dog would do it for you.


True Champion Dog 2.0 belongs in every dog owner’s cabinet?
Our formula features key ingredients to help support a healthy lifestyle for ALL dogs. Many factors cause stress to our dogs such as intense exercise, excessive heat, anxiety, and even loneliness :( True Champion Dog 2.0 gives your dog the extra maintenance needed to dramatically enhance Endurance & Stamina. Give your dog the best advantage possible, by using our SAFE and ALL NATURAL dog vitamin supplement.

“True Champion Dog 2.0” is our groundbreaking formula designed to support maximum endurance and maximum cardiac output in our canine friends. This formula was specifically designed to increase exercise tolerance and increase endurance/ stamina, all at the same time strengthening and protecting the heart muscle and the body from physical and mental stressors. True Champion Dog 2.0 belongs in every dog’s supplement regimen. Whether a young dog, older dog, senior dog, working dog, Schutzhund/protection dog, hunting dog, and even the everyday couch potato; ALL dogs can benefit from using our dog endurance supplement.

What is contained in True Champion Dog® 2.0?

The nutritionists and veterinarians who team up with BuffK-9 Supplements wanted to develop a powerful and convenient to use product for all dogs. Thus, True Champion Dog® 2.0 was born. After years of research, testing and data analysis, we are finally proud and excited to introduce the most powerful dog supplement on the market. How does True Champ 2.0 work? Without making you read through pages and pages of data and research, we can give you a short breakdown. Powerful herbs and nutrient-rich humic acid.

Humic acid was added for multiple reasons. First, to provide an all-natural source of over 70 trace minerals, vitamins, and aminos from mother nature herself. Next, to provide the electrolytes needed for working dogs which adds to the endurance benefits of True Champion Dog® 2.0. Lastly, humic acid is a nutrient supercharger! It enhances the transport of nutrients taken with it. This is huge since dog foods are starting to improve these days, True Champion Dog® 2.0 adapted to provide your dog with nutrients and benefits he or she may need, without the extras that are no longer necessary.

Ashwagandha, one of the most researched herbs throughout ancient times, is known for it's adaptogenic properties. An adaptogen adapts to the different stresses of the body and mind. The benefit to this is reduced cortisol, which in turn allows the body to build leaner, functional muscle, while also improving strength, agility, and stress response.

Cordyceps are working synergistically to promote better oxygen, recovery, immune system boosting and better endurance/ stamina. In addition, the oxygen boost and recuperation time for dogs under heavy exercise loads are dramatically enhanced.

Astragalus, known for it's super immune boosting properties. Helps to maintain healthy liver health. Also helps to maintain proper kidney function. This powerful herb is being featured specifically for the extreme health benefits it offers our dogs. Astragalus further prevents free radical (cancer-causing) damage to the bodies cells.

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