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Breeder Program

Life’s Abundance offers a breeder program that lets you purchase our Life’s Abundance premium foods at a discount to your family of pets. The best part is you receive a “check back” on your own discounted orders!

You also have the opportunity to recommend Life’s Abundance to your puppy or kitten buyers. When your puppy or kitten goes to their new home, simply recommend Life’s Abundance. The customer can purchase from your Life’s Abundance web site or through our phone customer support line. You earn money (not coupons!) for the rest of that pet’s life for as long as the client remains on the products! Why let someone else profit from your recommendations?

You could get your own pet products free just by telling others about Life’s Abundance!

Let our Life’s Abundance Breeder Program help you in your efforts to earn extra income and start your path to retirement now. The Life’s Abundance Breeder/Kennel/ Pet Professional program gives you a fully functional ecommerce website that you can link to your current Dog or Cat Breeder Web Site.

Earn commissions and bonuses from every sale of Life’s Abundance Natural Dog Food, Life’s Abundance Natural Cat Food, Treats, Supplements and Pet Care Products!

Your customers purchase directly from your site and the Life’s Abundance Company ships the products – No Inventory, No Paperwork, No Worries!

Dr. Jane Bicks

In order to participate in the Dog Breeder Program, Cat Breeder Program or Pet Professional Program you must become a Field Representative of Life’s Abundance. As a Life’s Abundance Field Rep you also have access to Dr. Jane Bicks, Life’s Abundance holistic veterinarian and product formulator. If you or your customers have questions regarding any of her products you can speak with her directly! What other pet food manufacturer lets you speak with their formulator?

This program enables you to purchase 44 pound bags of Life’s Abundance Dog Food and Life’s Abundance Cat Food at wholesale prices. Will this take much of your valuable time? NO!

  • There is no inventory.
  • There is no paperwork.
  • There is no money to collect for sales. Everything is done through your own personalized Life’s Abundance web site or by phone with Customer Service.
  • Products are delivered fresh to your client’s door.
  • You can start earning the money now that goes to Amazon, local pet food stores and large pet food retailers.

Life’s Abundance Has Never Been Part Of Any Recall!

How Can You Participate In This Awesome Life’s Abundance Natural Dog & Cat Breeder or Pet Professional Program?

It’s Easy! Email or call me at 847-420-4506.

Join Life’s Abundance and Get Started Today!