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MVP Formula M.A.S.S. K9 Muscle Builder
MVP M.A.S.S. is designed to increase your canine’s muscle mass and performance levels

All natural canine muscle builder.  No GMOs. Made is USA!

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MVP-Mass-180 MVP Formula M.A.S.S. K9 Muscle Builder-180 Servings
MVP-Mass-270 MVP Formula M.A.S.S. K9 Muscle Builder-270 Servings
MVP-Mass-90 MVP Formula M.A.S.S. K9 Muscle Builder-90 Servings
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Product Details:
Muscle Builder & Performance is a state-of-the-art formula that is designed to provide key ingredients to support muscle development, definition and functions in canines of all breeds. It contains Creatine, a compound important for muscle definition and growth, as well as complementary amino acids to support the use of the high quality whey protein that is supplied in this formula. DMG is included to support muscle metabolism, lactic acid levels and optimize oxygen utilization within muscles.

Muscle Growth and Definition
Healthy Immune System
Energy and Speed Performance
Working Dogs
Weight Gain Support

Feeding Directions:
Canines under 50 lbs: 1/2 scoop per 25 lbs, daily. Canines 50 lbs and over: 1 scoop per 50 lbs, daily., (For Hard Workout Days Increase Serving Size by 2X)


Vegetable Fat, Whey Protein, Dimethylglycine, DL Methionine, Glutamine, L Carnitine, Creatine Monohydrate

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When it comes to a healthy canine supplement program we all want one thing results. Whether your goal is to increase your dog’s muscle mass or amplify performance levels, you want distinct results. In the quest for better results, many dog owners spend a lot of time and money only to fall short of their expectations. Here, we will provide you with some general and specific tips so you will not be one of these unsuccessful dog owners.
First we want to address an issue that comes up when owners are unable to get the results they are looking for. These owners tell us that the supplements did not work.
The problem does not usually lie with the supplement. In many cases, the dog owner does not work the supplement to its full potential. We can not emphasize enough, the importance of this. “Working the supplement” means that you use the supplement the way it is designed to be used in order to see its full effects. Another common reason that owners do not see the results they want is because they are using the wrong product. Many owners use a product thinking it will give them their desired result when the product is designed to give a completely different result. To get the results you want, you have to use a supplement designed to give you those results.
With these general guidelines in mind, take a look at some of our detailed tips where these basic ideas are put to use.
Our Formula M.A.S.S. Weight Gainer is designed to increase your dog’s healthy calorie intake. When it comes to adding muscle mass to your dog, this is a key factor. In addition to increased calorie intake, as the owner, you also play a key role in your results. First, you have to be consistent with your dog’s daily calorie intake. This means that you can not feed your dog 3 cups of kibble one day, then 2 cups the next day, then 4 cups the following day and get the results you want. You are not letting the supplement work the way it is designed to work. Stay consistent with your dog’s daily calorie intake in addition to using Formula Mass Weight Gainer and your results will be maximized.
A good exercise program is a key factor to making Formula M.A.S.S. Weight Gainer work. Let’s say you normally intake 1500 calories a day, but then increase your calories up to 4000 a day in hopes of building muscle. If you don’t work out in addition to increasing your calorie intake, the chances of you building muscle mass is highly unlikely. The same is true for your dog. If you want to add true healthy muscle mass to your canine, you have to exercise them.
We’ve seen time and time again, someone using a daily vitamin alone in search of adding muscle mass to their canine. While a vitamin/mineral supplement does have its benefits it will not increase your dog’s muscle mass without some help. If you are aiming to increase muscle mass Formula M.A.S.S. Muscle Builder is the product to use. Incorporate Formula M.A.S.S. Weight Gainer and see even better gains. The combination of increasing your dog’s healthy calorie intake along with a healthy muscle building supplement and exercise program are keys factors to amazing results!
While additional muscle mass is not a direct result of a vitamin or mineral, our research has shown that it is important to incorporate a daily vitamin/mineral supplement to provide your dog with the daily vitamins/minerals that dog food alone does not provide. By providing those vitamins/minerals you allow your dog’s body to function better which is important when it comes to making additional supplements work. The Best In Show Vitamin & Mineral Supplement and B.I.S. Future Star offer the vitamins and minerals needed to build a strong foundation in your canines overall health and development.
When incorporating a muscle building and performance supplement to your dog’s daily diet it is very important to work them out. The Formula M.A.S.S. Muscle Builder is designed to increase your canine’s muscle mass and performance levels in many ways. One of these ways is by repairing muscle tissue faster and more efficiently than a normal daily diet. To maximize these results you must first break down the muscle tissues to be repaired, through working out your canine. While you may see results just by normal daily exercise such as running in the backyard you will see even better results by increasing your dogs daily exercise program.

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